Democracy, demo, comedy, demolition?

egypt revolution democracy demo comedy

Is it a revolution for democracy? Is it a demo test for new government replacements with a romantic flavor? Which parts are comedy for change in economy controllers? How are the real players? How may dead we need to stop this?

I spend all week try to think how to draw about Egypt. Of course the first idea was use Banksy Flower Chucker as base, but what is he going to launch? My first idea was “DEMOCRACY” but I wasn’t sure. I can’t stop thinking this would be too good to be true… then I saw DEMOcracy and COMEDy using the T of twitter as Y, specially because Twitter relation whit entertainment. We have fun with overseas revolutions, we love that, it’s like a movie, the triumph of occidental truth, but if the same disturb occurs within a “civilized” country we call it “anti-system”.

Yes, I want a democratic government for Egypt (and all countries), but I can’t stop doubting about all is around.